We’re an easy to use website hoping to offer alternatives to an out-dated bureaucratic service – i.e the Royal Mail Postal Service.

The Royal Mail have successfully wasted my time over the years – queueing for hours to send an item, trekking over town to pick up mail they never bothered trying to deliver and putting up with their ridiculous payment structures.

The crunch came when I sent an anniversary card to my parents – a pretty standard sized card from Clintons.  Mailed on a Monday for an anniversary on Wednesday with a first class stamp.

Wednesday came, no card.  A bit gutted to say the least, its the first time I’ve remembered early enough to send a card.

Friday came, they get a card through the door to pick up mail from the service counter.

They were greeted with a bill of £1.25 – because apparently the card was too big. To be precise a whopping 2mm too big to be classed as a 1st Class Letter.

Complete bullshit, and it just broke whatever respect I had of the service.  The strikes? Its just another cog in the downturn.  Time to change.

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    Thanks, Emma

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