Interactive Map showing Postal & Courier services


Looking for an alternative to Royal Mail? Use this interactive map to find courier and parcels companies anywhere in the UK.

You can zoom into the map by double-clicking on your area, using the mouse scrollwheel or using the slider on the left of the map. You can grab and move the map by holding down the left mouse button. Couriers will be marked with a blue or yellow map ‘pin’ – click on any pin to get contact details for that company.

You can also search for a specific place using the Google search bar at the bottom of the map. Your location will be marked with a red pin, and nearby couriers will again appear in blue or yellow.

If you know the company you’re after, select it in the sidebar to the left of the map. You can also use the drop-down menu at the top of the sidebar to centre the map on a particular town or city.

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